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To Your Door in Paradise

In 2017, Massage Hop doubled down on the idea that massage is better when it happens on your turf. After two years of traveling here and there to deliver world class massage all over the Big Island, we decided to invest in marketing the business with new vigor, and real hope for the future.

     That investment has paid off. Last winter season Massage Hop performed over 200 massages. That is about equal to the entirety of its business in the two previous years. And although there is plenty of credit to go around– our partnerships with Shell Vacations Club, and Body Glove Cruises, as well as a glowing five-star review stream on Yelp– the bulk of the responsibility for Massage Hop’s success goes to its On-The-Go Massage Technicians. Massage therapists, on the whole, do not have a reputation for punctuality. It’s a joke told inside the industry ad nauseam: The more talented the massage therapist, the more patient the client. Yet, somehow, Massage Hop has partnered with several deeply intuitive, dedicated, ethical, and responsible massage professionals that have provided the support without which leads from marketing may have very well never been converted into actual clients of the business. To all our On-The-Go Massage Technicians: You all have been wonderful. You take treatments at a moment’s notice, and deliver five-star experiences to all our clients right in their homes.

     There is a relationship between lack of trust and poverty. Wealth, we believe, can be understood as an enormous amount of trust earned within a community. Every time someone hands you a dollar, they are entrusting you with that dollar. They are saying they believe what they will get in exchange for that dollar will live up to that trust. Now, let’s stand back and appreciate just how much trust it takes to invite a stranger into your home with the intention of allowing that person to put their hands, arms, and elbows directly onto your body. Let’s appreciate how much trust it takes for a 5’4” female massage therapist to go to a stranger’s home at 7pm to perform a massage treatment. That kind of trust is what true wealth is built on. Wealth is provided to the clients who receive life-enhancing massage, and wealth is provided to Massage Hop and its On-the-Go Massage Technicians. We hope it is not easy to ascertain who has made out on the deal, because that is the essence of the kind of win-win partnerships we hope to create with every relationship we build.

     We love, love, love the work, even if we are all of mixed feelings about the spa industry. We don’t believe in the emotional sterilization of the spa atmosphere. We believe in treating you right where you live, breathe, think, and feel, and we believe the relaxation received from a massage is transmitted through the hands of the licensed massage professional. We carry the peace we transmit inside of us, and we leave it behind with you, in your most sacred of places, so that it may remain a part of your life in some small way forever.

     If you’ve seen any of our marketing, you know we always say “Simplicity is luxury.” It is. We strive to simplify our booking process from end to end. We strive to simplify our techniques, to deliver the best possible results to our clients with relative ease. We strive to make it simple to make massage a consistent part of day-to-day life.

     We could set up a table in minutes and massage your body from head to toe.  Let us do what we were born to do. From here on out, we will continue to massage more and more of the United States, and we’d like our next client to be you. Don’t worry. With a few clicks, or one phone call, we can be on our way.

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