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90 Minute Massage Delivery

Massage Delivered to You All Across both Maui, and the Big Island

Massage Details

  • Serving residences, vacation rentals, condos, Airbnb’s, and hotels all across Maui starting December 1st
  • If vacationing on Maui in December or beyond, you can make a reservation now!
One Person 90-Minute Massage
Couples 90-Minute Massage

Best Massage on The Big Island of Hawaii

Two On-The-Go Massage Therapists will arrive to perform this side-by-side massage experience! This is not exclusive to romantic couples– even two friends can book a 90 minute massage for the discounted rate!

Select this option if you want two On-The-Go Licensed Massage Therapists sent to you to perform a treatment for you and a loved one at the same time.  You can request a different style of massage for each individual in your couple, but if you leave those sections blank, you will receive your On-The-Go Licensed Massage Therapist’s “Signature Treatment,” which is recommended. We all have diverse educations in touch therapy– why request one style when you can get a combination of all?