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Massage Hop Blog

Massage Hop Launches Kama’aina Club at Kona Town Night Market

On August 4th, Massage Hop promoted its Kama’aina Club to local residents at the Kona Town Night Market with great success. Our plan: to entice people into our massage chairs at a rate of $1/minute, and get them to fall in love with our work. Our local community works hard to live in paradise, and so often leaves self- care to the island guests who come here from the world over for salubrity. Massage Hop would like to change that, but here we were asking for something in return.  For Kama’aina who would like to truly make massage therapy a part of their lives, we came up with very attractive yearly pricing plans.  If our local residents commit to themselves, so will we.  If Kama’aina can agree to a monthly charge of less than the average cell phone bill, we will delivery one massage…

To Your Door in Paradise

In 2017, Massage Hop doubled down on the idea that massage is better when it happens on your turf. After two years of traveling here and there to deliver world class massage all over the Big Island, we decided to invest in marketing the business with new vigor, and real hope for the future.      That investment has paid off. Last winter season Massage Hop performed over 200 massages. That is about equal to the entirety of its business in the two previous years. And although there is plenty of credit to go around– our partnerships with Shell Vacations Club, and Body Glove Cruises, as well as a glowing five-star review stream on Yelp– the bulk of the responsibility for Massage Hop’s success goes to its On-The-Go Massage Technicians. Massage therapists, on the whole, do not have a reputation…

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